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Learn about your BNY Mellon plan with the Aetna MedicareSM Plan (PPO)

This plan covers all that Original Medicare covers along with other programs not covered by Original Medicare. You’ll have a single health plan that gives you both medical and pharmacy coverage with one plan and one ID card.

Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

The Aetna Medicare Advantage plan includes coverage for benefits covered under Original Medicare Parts A and B. Additional benefits help you make the most of the years ahead.

  • Same member cost share for benefits received from out-of-network providers as in-network services
  • Freedom to use any licensed provider, who is eligible to receive payment from Original Medicare and willing to accept the plan
  • Access to Aetna retiree advocates and nurses to help you get the most out of your Aetna Medicare Advantage plan
  • No referrals for covered services
  • Coverage for medical emergencies when traveling anywhere in the world

Details of your Aetna Medicare Advantage Plan

PPO ESA Plan for more information on your 2017 benefits PDF

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Health and wellness benefits

You want to look and feel your best for many years to come. So give yourself a healthy advantage with wellness benefits available through the Medicare Advantage plan that includes:

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